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Krispy Kreme Has Released Rick and Morty Donuts and One Is Topped with Pickle Rick

You guys! Get ready to pack your bags because Krispy Kreme Has Released Rick and Morty Donuts and One Is Topped with Pickle Rick!

Now, I say pack your bags because in order to try these, you’ll need to make a quick trip to Australia. Sigh I know, but trust me. It’ll be worth it.

Krispy Kreme Australia have launched donuts based off Rick and Morty and I cannot wait to give them a try!

There are 3 new donuts including: a citrus-flavored Pickle Rick doughnut, stuffed with lemony filling to replicate the sharpness of a pickle, a bright pink Simple Rick wafer cookie and cream doughnut, and a marshmallow-loaded Strawberry Smiggles ring.

In addition to the donuts, they have released a Fleeb Juice drink you can get to wash it all down. Wabba lubba dub-dub!

Oh and did I mention they come in this totally cool Rick and Morty themed box?! Whhhhattt.


In all seriousness, I wish I could make a trip to Australia to hang out and enjoy some of these donuts. If you are lucky enough to make it there, let me know how they are!

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My friends at Krispy Kreme were real kind to let me know that today would bring some exciting news and, sure enough, their collaboration with @adultswim's @rickandmorty was unleashed and it had me freaking out! 🤪 I'm always down for cool pop culture collabs but even more so for exciting new flavours to try out and review. So, behold! Three new, stellar and outta-this-world flavours that go above and beyond, matched perfectly with their Fleeb Juice shake! 🥤 • First up: Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie! 🍪 A deliciously round, strawberry coated morsel of deliciousness topped with a wafer cookie and stuffed to the brim with a creamy whip that is insanely good. I actually am not someone who enjoys a lot of fruity flavours in anything so the fact that I enjoyed this is saying something! • Next up: Strawberry Smiggles! 🍓 A quirky level up of Krispy Kreme's legendary glazed donut, filled with strawberry jelly throughout the delicious ring of textural awesomeness and topped with crunchy sprinkles and soft marshmallows. • Last up: Pickle Rick! 🥒 I was originally considering the possibility that somehow the funky folks at Krispy Kreme managed to bring the flavour of pickles to a donut, somehow, but my terror soon became delight when a delicious, citrus and fresh tangy burst of lemon came through that mellowed out perfectly with the green-coloured vanilla icing. • I can't fault any of these. Seriously, I was struggling to pick a favourite with my workmates today (who also had fun testing them out!), especially as I often find many so sweet, so the fact they were ALL perfection blows me into outer space! 😂 Even the packaging rocks! 😁 • 📺 YOUTUBE: 🎮 TWITCH: 🕹 DISCORD: 📸 SNAPCHAT: poke.collection 🎉 SOCIAL: @pokecollection • #PokeCollection #Pokemon #PokemonCollection #Poketuber #pokemoncommunity #Youtuber #PokemonCards #PokemonStreamer #tradingcards #pokemongo #PokemonSwordShield #Auckland #NewZealand #vintagepokemon #vintagepokemoncards #pokemoncommunity #hartsquad #pokemonpackopenings #pokemontcg #instafood #foodreview #foodiecollection #donuts #rickandmorty #krispykreme #instafoodie #foodie

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