You Can Get Starbucks Drinks in Colors of The Rainbow. Here’s How.

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Get ready to taste the Rainbow at Starbucks because we’ve created a drink for every color of the rainbow (except blue, sorry they don’t have that color) and each color comes with it’s own unique taste.

If you are looking for some new drinks to try, say no more!

We’ve got a range of flavors and some fun colors for you to try!

Keep in mind that all of these drinks are on the Starbucks Secret Menu meaning, you need to take the recipe with you in order to give them a whirl.

Here’s How to Order Colors of The Rainbow Drinks at Starbucks

Let’s start off with the Red Drink – this drink tastes a lot like a strawberry smoothie and has been one of the most popular drinks in this lineup.

You can get the Red Drink Recipe Here.

The next color down the list is the Orange Drink. This one was a HUGE hit because it tastes a lot like gummy peach rings. SO GOOD!

You can get the Orange Drink Recipe Here.

Here comes the Yellow Drink. This one is perfect if you are needing to feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

You can get the Yellow Drink Recipe Here.

The next color in the rainbow is the Green Drink. If you like vanilla and matcha, you will like this!

You can get the Green Drink Recipe Here.

(Again, sorry no blue)

The next color is the Pink Drink. Yes, this is a drink on the menu BUT we updated it to our liking so there is a few changes to it. It tastes like a Pink Starburst now.

You can get the Pink Drink Recipe Here.

Our final color in the rainbow is the Purple Drink. It’s got that berry honey taste and it’s oh so good.

You can get the Purple Drink Recipe Here.

Aww that is it! There is our RAINBOW of drinks at Starbucks. Which one are you going to give a try?

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  1. I just love starbucks, I can’t wait to try the new ones.