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This Starbucks Frosted Pink Lemonade Is The Perfect Way To Keep Cool. Here’s How To Order It.

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It’s 100 degrees out today. So the only thing on my mind is getting a refreshing beverage to make this heat a little more tolerable. Summer is a time for fruity and colorful drinks, but it’s also a time to find the drinks that hit the SPOT. And this drink does just that!

Say hello to the Frosted Pink Lemonade! It’s blended, it’s pink, it’s cool, and its refreshing. What more could you ask for? Lemonade stands just don’t seem to exist anymore, and that makes me sad. But we can bring back the feel of it with this amazing drink!


We felt that just a normal pink lemonade was okay, but turning it into a blended beverage would make it a thousand times better! It’ll give it that extra frosty boost needed in this hot weather!

Now, before running of to Starbucks and demanding (nicely) a Frosted Pink Lemonade, you will need to scroll down and grab the recipe.

Why? Because Starbucks doesn’t have a Frosted Pink Lemonade on their menu. So they may give you a confused look.

This drink comes off of the Starbucks Secret Menu, an amazing source of drinks created by customers and baristas using Starbucks ingredients to make their own creative recipes!

How To Order The Frosted Pink Lemonade

Start by ordering a Grande Lemonade with light passion tea.

Then, ask for light coconut milk, as well as one pump of raspberry syrup.


Finally, ask for the drink to be double blended. They will stick it in the blender and viola! That is it! You’ll have your ultra refreshing Frosted Pink Lemonade from the Starbucks Secret Menu!

What other drinks or flavors are you hoping to see us create this season?

We have a ton of already ready to go summer drinks like the Summer Dream Drink and the Fruit Punch Drink so be sure to check them out!

Check out this TikTok video below on how to order this drink!


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