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Here’s How You Can Order A Starbucks Frosted Lemonade Off Of The Secret Menu

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I don’t know about you, but I wish kids still ran lemonade stands because I would TOTALLY go to one!

In this summer heat, nothing seems to hit the spot more than a nice glass of lemonade. So why not bring that refreshing, blissful taste over to the place where magical things are created, Starbucks!

We have decided to perfect the Lemonade recipe by giving it a little boost and making it into a blended beverage! This way, it will be even more chilling and refreshing for you! (No complaints to that over here!)

I present to you, the Starbucks Frosted Lemonade.

Cold, refreshing goodness in a 16oz cup (or larger if you want!) It’s easy to order, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and will give you the boost you need to get you through the hot summer days! And I personally like the way it looks too!

But before dashing away to Starbucks and asking for the “Frosted Lemonade”, you’re going to need to grab the recipe. Because if you say just that, they may look at you a bit funny.

Why? Because this isn’t on the actual Starbucks menu. This is on, what is called, the Starbucks Secret Menu, an amazing source of drinks created by customers and baristas! This gives us a place to expand our horizons and create our own masterpieces using the ingredients that Starbucks offers us!

How To Order A Frosted Lemonade

Start by ordering a Grande Lemonade.

Then, ask for light coconut milk, as well as two pumps of liquid cane syrup (or a random other flavor to give it some pizzazz!)

Finally, ask for the drink to be double blended. They will stick it in the blender and viola! That is it! You’ll have your ultra refreshing Frosted Lemonade from the Starbucks Secret Menu!

What other drinks or flavors are you hoping to see us create this season? Comment below and let us know! We have a ton of already ready to go summer drinks like the Summer Dream Drink and the Fruit Punch Drink so be sure to check them out!

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  1. Does it have to be coconut milk?? I detest anything coconut. And what are the measurements for different sizes?

  2. Thanks! Sounds wonderful!! But…

    How much coconut milk? What would the proportions be for a venti??