Emergency Dinner ~ Marie Callenders Pot Pies to the Rescue

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We had a small, impromptu family dinner the other evening. One of those “oh, we were in the neighborhood” pop-in’s from my parents, my daughter was hungry and suddenly I needed dinner-in a hurry! It was Marie Callenders Pot Pies to the rescue!

Emergency Dinner Pot Pies to the Rescue box

The holidays are just around the corner and I’m so not in the mood to be making huge meals while I work on making 25 Un-Christmas Grinch Treats for my daughter’s school party, or better yet, while I’m working on making Thanksgiving Dinner. So, when my parents showed up, I was totally hoping they’d just say “and we’re not staying”…but then my daughter started with the “mooooom….”. I was cornered. Dinner was imminent, regardless of my desires and they all knewit…(cue the “dun, dun, duuuuun” music in the background)

Emergency Dinner Pot Pies to the Rescue Crust

Oh, and did I mention I didn’t want to make a mess, either? Yeah, I knew I was asking for a lot. But I had been busy all day making cornbread dressing and I was whooped! It didn’t make sense cleaning up the kitchen again.

I could have made this rockin’ recipe for Chicken Tostadas or even pulled one from this trusty list of quick-meals that I generally like, but it was already late and I really just DID NOT want to do anything else major in the kitchen. Plus, with the recent cold-front moving through, it dawned on me! Pot pies might just be the perfect comfort food to warm-up the whole family. One for each person seemed a tad tedious, though…So, I threw one of Marie Callenders Family-Sized Pot Pies in the oven, per the directions on the box, and sat back to watch the magic. I also warmed-up a loaf of garlic bread, mostly because it’s so good and tasty when it’s hot!

Emergency Dinner Pot Pies to the Rescue Yummy Gravy

My dad loves the “golden flakey crust” on the Marie Callenders Pot Pies, but me, I love the “warm meal made fast that I didn’t have to work hard for”. It’s tough to satisfy everyone, but this meal sure did the job. And clean-up was a cinch. We just tossed the plates in the dishwasher-and that was it. No scrubbing pots and pans or any other overly-dirty-mess to figure-out. Nope. I was able to just sit back and relax with the family when we were done. Viola!

Marie Callenders Pot Pies InStore

If you’d like to learn more about these great pot pies, you can visit Marie Callenders home page or on Facebook.

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