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Cozy & Easy Meals for the Fall

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Every fall, it’s the same crazy, hectic mess. I love it, but while I get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, imminent school parties, my daughter being out of school for the holidays, and all sorts of other craziness, I need easy meals while life goes on among the crazy. No, correct that, I need Cozy & Easy Meals for the Fall, because, adding to all my personal crazy is the crazy-cold!

Cozy and Easy Meals for the Fall pan

  • One of my favorite recipes is shepherd pie, the easy kind, not the kind in my mom’s old recipe book. With just a few people at the table, we cut the recipe down, or we just save the leftovers for the next evening. It’s a great way to warm-up after a day on the go.
  • My daughter’s favorite is our homemade hot-pockets, really just a hot-dog wrapped in dough with some spaghetti sauce, or leftover bacon with cheese and scrambled egg (we like these for dinner if there were leftovers at breakfast).
  • One we can both agree on, though, is Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese. It’s preservative-free, and has freshly made pasta and real aged cheddar cheese. It’s a creamy, delicious meal that I don’t have to fuss much with. Just pop it in the oven (I don’t even have to boil water), then when the magic beep happens, serve. Of all the ideas I have, this is, hand’s down, the easiest of them to “cook”. I really don’t have to do anything (which I kind-of love).
  • Another cozy and easy meal my daughter and I both get into is my recipe for Slow-Cooker Taco Soup. It’s always good, easy to throw together, and basically is a super-reliable meal we’ll both enjoy. ‘Nuff said.
  • To top-off all these fabulous meals, I usually throw-together a loaf of Lazy Woman Bread, but really, sometimes, I just make a loaf of plain white bread in the bread-maker and go on.

Cozy and Easy Meals for the Fall pan empty

I really need more ideas, though! Take this weekend for example. On Sunday evening, I had a ton going on. We just got back from a little mini-vacation, we were getting ready for school on Monday, and then, like a freight-train, I realized we were almost out of time to make dinner! Good ‘ole Stouffer’s mac-n-cheese was there for me, though. I was able to continue getting the daughter ready for school, keep unpacking, and make dinner all at the same time (talk about multi-tasking!).

No one went hungry that night (just kidding, we never go hungry!), I didn’t blow a gasket about being too rushed-around, and dinner tasted great. Not only that, but a couple of my daughter’s friends came by to visit and while they were here, we re-warmed some of the mac-n-cheese for them!  We ended up eating every bite. And on top of that, we chowed-down on a couple of Nestle’s Drumsticks in Peppermint, for the holiday season, of course! I don’t know, there’s just something about eating an ice cream cone when it’s below 40 outside…it’s like an oxymoron of fun!

Cozy and Easy Meals for the Fall ice cream

Speaking of fun, I thought it would be hilarious to show how fast the mac-n-cheese went at my house. Check out my video!


Maybe it’s wrong, but I’m going to go ahead and plan on running by WalMart sometime this week to pick up another party-sized Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese and Nestle Drumstick Peppermint Cones, just in case I have another debacle next weekend.

Cozy and Easy Meals for the Fall InStoreSpecial thanks for sponsoring this post goes to #Feast4All #CollectiveBias

You can check out more of their awesome Fall Flavors from Stouffers and WalMart by visiting their Pintrest Board here:


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