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Taco Bell Has A Secret Menu And I’m Freaking Out About It!

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Taco Bell has switched up a thing or two with more than a few recent menu changes, but did you know that there is so much more then what you usually see on the drive-thru menu?

Lo and behold, the secret Taco Bell menu we all needed.


From mixing sauces, to switching up protein, to completely changing the game of what you’re used to ordering at Taco Bell; let’s start with the The Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch, aka, the sister to the Cheesy Gordita Crunch!


The Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch are for cheese connoisseurs and extra meat enthusiasts. This hard shell taco wrapped up in a soft tortilla includes an extra helping of meat and a bonus serving of cheese.


Next up on Taco Bell’s secret menu is the Superman which includes a beastly amount of cheese, rice, and meat; similar to the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito that was once listed on Taco Bell’s menu a few years back.

Courtesy of Taco Bell Reddit Thread

We are all familiar with Taco Bell’s spicy sauce packets that can offer your food a kick and sometimes, even a sassy remark. However, among the brotherhood of flavors including Mild, Hot, Fire and Diablo, there’s been a long lost brother amongst the 4 siblings and his name is Verde.


The green sauce packet can be drizzled on any burrito, crunchy taco or soft tortilla and all you have to do when you reach the front of the line is say “spicy green please”, and they’ll know what you mean.


The popular fast food chain has even dabbled in breakfast including a top secret food item called the Waffle Taco. It’s packed with scrambled eggs and sausage sandwiched in between well, a waffle taco shell. The Waffle Taco unfortunately isn’t available at every location, but it can’t hurt to ask your fellow Taco Bell chain.

Taco Bell even offers a maple syrup packet to drizzle on your new found love for this breakfast concoction.


Remember the Grilled Quesadilla that comes in either steak, chicken or just cheese? Well the next time you order Taco Bell’s scrumptious quesadilla, consider asking your soft shell to be grilled twice for an extra crunch making this secret menu food item, the Double Grilled Quesadilla!

It’s genius really.


Let’s also not forget about the Cheesarito. It may not sound like much, but on the contrary, it has a lot to offer. To order, it’s a soft shell taco filled with melted cheese, scallions, and taco sauce. I mean, what else could you ask for?


Considering Taco Bell has teased us with the Chili Cheese Burrito once before, the fan favorite burrito has been brought back to many Taco Bell locations on the DL; so between you and I, there’s a good chance the Taco Bell near you is offering to cook up this hit from the 90s.


In case you were wondering, the Chili Cheese Burrito offers a soft shell tortilla stuffed with chili and cheese. So simple, yet so incredible delicious.


Oh yeah, and there’s also the Enchirito you can snag at Taco Bell if you’re in the mood for something fun. This enchilada is packed with cheese, beans, and beef, with an extra helping of gooey cheese melted on the top; my oh, my!


Now even the Dorito Shell Tacos have their very own hack and that is, they’re not just limited to juicy beef, shredded cheese and crispy lettuce. Dorito shells exist for a reason, so you can order literally anything under the sun to be stuffed in the spicy and crunchy shell. Be creative people!


Similar to the long lost Verde sauce, thee’s also such a thing called Lava Sauce which is a spicy cheesy dip offered at most Taco Bell locations, score!

Oh, and for future reference, if they say they’re out of lava sauce or they simply don’t make it, ask for a side of nacho cheese sauce and a few fire sauce packets, mix together and you won’t regret it!


So there’s this thing, called the Incredible Hulk and it features a five-layer burrito without nacho cheese and swapped for guacamole instead. Don’t mind if I do.


You can also order any fresco style burrito which means Taco Bell will take out any cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and mayo-based sauces. They’ll also swap in pico de gallo for extra flavor!


We know there is a lot to choose from when it comes down to Taco Bell’s secret menu but you know what they say, the more the better and considering how much Taco Bell has recently removed their menu, this, is a blessing.


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