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Dairy Queen Just Low Key Rolled Out A Taylor Swift Inspired Blizzard And We Are Here For It

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I wouldn’t consider myself a Swifties, per se, but I’m sure super jealous of everyone who has gone to her Eras Tour this summer. All the pictures and videos look amazing!!

But, you know who we just found out is team Taylor? Dairy Queen!

They have rolled out the purple carpet, and are jumping on the Taylor Swift bandwagon by bringing us a Taylor Swift inspired Blizzard — and it looks delicious!

Dairy Queen quietly slid a picture of the Taylor Swift inspired Blizzard onto Instagram — and another one on Twitter, and Swiftie fans are going crazy.

If you aren’t in the Taylor Swift know, you might just gloss over the Blizzard pictures without thinking too much about them — besides the fact they look amazing.

But, die-hard fans know what’s up.

Just like Taylor Swift is known to do, DQ dropped some subtle hints that only true Swifties would understand.

The Instagram post includes an image of the Cotton Candy Blizzard draped in purple fabric, with the caption “Treat Now” with a purple heart.

“Treat Now” Dairy Queen Taylor Swift Blizzard

Who can tell me what that’s in reference to?

The “Treat Now” caption is a direct reference to Taylor’s third studio album Speak Now. 

And, the purple fabric is a blatant clue that this Blizzard is for Taylor Swift. The singer’s favorite color is purple — because it’s the best color — and shades of purple have been spotted throughout her tour and music videos.

Then, there is the post on Twitter. It’s the same picture, but it’s captioned, “if your name is John…blocked and reported.”

You don’t really have to be a Swiftie to know that this is a reference to her relationship with John Mayer, about whom she wrote the song “Dear John.”

I’ll be right back. I’m going to DQ to get one of these Taylor Swift inspired Blizzards!

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