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You Can Get Disney Themed Starbucks Christmas Cups To Fill With Your Holidays With Pure Magic

Three things that I love: Starbucks, Disney, and Christmas. Put the three together and I am officially floating on a cloud.


You can get your favorite Disney character in holiday form on the new Starbucks Glitter Reusable Cold Cups!

These cups are SO adorable. Combining all three things together just takes Disney magic to bring such ideas to life! And I love them!

They have other options in their store, such as my personal favorite, their Snow Globe Cups. Their newest Christmas style has me drooling a little.

There are also other styles on the basic Starbucks cold cups that just come alive in the Christmas spirit, such as their ‘Pinkmas” cup!

Any of these would be great additions to your Starbuck cup or Disney collection and perfect for this Christmas season! And if Christmas isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Because this store has done it’s fair share of other amazing cups, such as their Disney Collection!

So be sure to head over to Etsy and check out DisneyGorditas and all of their absolutely amazing cups!


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