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Target Releases A Palm Leaf Splash Pad Sprinkler to Cool Down with the Kids this Summer

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If you have little ones, or simply just no room for a pool, then a splash pad is perfect for your family!


They don’t take up a lot of room and are super quick and simple to set up and put away when you’re finished.

This one is super stylish and designed to look like a palm leaf.

Tanya F – Target customer review

The Palm Leaf Splash Pad measures 70 inches long and 60 inches wide, so there is plenty of room to cool down.

It’s perfect for ages 3 years and all the way up to adult, you don’t need to be little to have summer fun!


Absolutely love this splash pad! No inflating or set up time. The trickling water almost sounds like a creek (if you close your eyes! Haha). Easy clean up too. I bought it for myself, but I’m sure it would be great for kids. I’ve used at least five times with no issues, so I can say it’s well made. Definitely buy if you’re on the fence!

PDK – Target customer review
PDK – Target customer review

The Palm Leaf Splash Pad is great for the backyard during birthday parties, family barbecues, or even a staycation.


Perfect for our 1y/o. Doesn’t hold an overwhelming amount of water, and the sprinklers keep our pups out of it!

atherriault – Target customer review

You can buy your own Palm Leaf Splash Pad from Target right now, for the best summer fun ever!

AStark – Target customer review

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