People Are Making Cactuses Out of Pool Noodles. Here’s How You Can Too.

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If cactuses are your thing but you don’t live anywhere near the trend setting plants located in sunny Arizona, here’s how to bring the tall plants to you even if you don’t live near the dessert.

Similar to the chicken wire ghosts craft made for Halloween, cactuses made out of pool noodles are exactly what we need to dress up our space for the summer season!

Courtesy of @ribbonsandglue

Considering the weather is finally start to warm up for us states who don’t live in Florida or California, it’s that time of the year to put away the snowflake decor and take out the flip flop key rings and sunflower painted deck chairs.

And if you just so happen to have a few pool noodles laying around, snag those too!

Preferably a green pool noodle to make this craft more realistic, cut into three pieces making sure each piece is a different size.

Then, using a craft knife, round out the top of the noodle to the shape of the top of a cactus and add toothpicks into each noodle to create the look of the needles that grow from the plant.

Courtesy of @one_sharp_class

Glue them to a colorful pot, add some rocks or dirt, and you’re finished!

Courtesy of @Hometalk

Decorate around your home or around the pool area for a cactus that never dies!

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