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People Are Making Ghosts Out of Chicken Wire and Fabric For Halloween and They All Look So Real

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Social media has upped the ante regarding crafting ghosts out of sheets of chicken wire and now, the final results look even more shockingly unsettling for spooky season.

Courtesy of @lizzystams

This new way of creating life-sized ghosts out of chicken wire will make you do a triple take, wondering if what you’re actually seeing is real, or not.

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

Thanks to @brandon.hardy.art who showed off his DIY skills recreating the trending ghosts, as it turns out, draping a sheet of sheer fabric on top of the chicken wire makes each ghost look even more realistic than before.

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

Delicately adding a sheet of white fabric on top of the chilling masterpieces turn the standing chicken wire ghosts into floating ones.

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

The finished look is a mixture between excellence and a ‘why didn’t I think of this before’ realization.

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

Leave alone or toss a few single battery powered glowing blue lights underneath so trick-or-treaters and passing neighbors can see the illusion of a family of ghosts simply just having a tea party in your front yard.

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

The TikToker also shared a simple yet effective tip, and that is to make sure the fabric doesn’t cover the entire sculpture, leaving a few chicken wire sections unhidden will enhance the floating affect!

Courtesy of @brandon.hardy.art

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