Forget Floating Witch Hats, Hanging Skulls Are the New Trend this Halloween Season

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Scared of monsters under the bed? Well, how about ones hanging from the ceiling?

Introducing hanging skulls to level up your decor this Halloween…

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

Frighten anyone who walks in your home during spooky season because these hanging skulls will terrify from any angle considering each skull can hang from anywhere in your home.

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

Whether you choose to hang the skulls above the living room couch, overlooking the front door, inside the bathroom or above kitchen sink, this skull set is the new way to scare.

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

Available in eight different eye colors including red, orange, green, purple, yellow, blue, brown, and black, which chilling eye color will you choose to be lurking in the distance?

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

Prefer to hang outside? These skulls are also waterproof and UV safe.

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

So forget the floating witch hats and consider hanging skulls instead.

You can currently find the hanging skull decor online at Etsy for a truly frightening Halloween display indoors or outdoors; the choice is yours.

Courtesy of @ShopVictoryStore

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