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You Can Play A Wicked Game of Disney Villains Clue And Break The Spell Of The Nine Realms

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A Disney Villains Clue Game exists, and it’s about to be ON!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

I’m not even joking, my game-loving, Disney-nerd husband is about to get this Disney Clue Game for Christmas, and he is totally going to freak out.

I LOVE the game of Clue, but this is a whole new way to play. It’s like my love for board games, and my love for all thing Disney had a baby, and the PERFECT board game was created!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

Disney Villains Clue Game puts a decidedly wicked spin on the classic favorite. The Villains are up to no good once again, causing mischief and mayhem within their vile realms. A mysterious spell has opened the passages to the nine realms once forbidden to the six diabolical Villains, and now each wants what the other has.

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First of all, can we just talk about the tokens for a moment. Gah! They are gorgeous. You get to choose between the Evil Queen, Dr. Facilier, Hades, Jafar, Maleficent, and Ursula — and each one looks like a perfect little evil statue!

I would totally display them with my Disney collection!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

You also get six enchanted objects: a Poison Apple, a bottle of Potion, a Shell, a Scarab, a Scepter, and a Talisman.

Courtesy of Shop Disney

Y’all! This game looks like so much fun. I’m ready to grab my besties, put on a Disney movie, pop up some popcorn, and play a round of Disney Clue!


You can get this Disney Villains Clue Game right from the Shop Disney website!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

It will cost you about $50, and it just might be the most perfect Disney game ever!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

If you are looking for ANOTHER fun Disney board game — I’m always in the market for a great Disney board game — you should totally check out this Disney Villains Monopoly Game.

If I were to only own two board games, it would be the Disney Villains Clue game and this Disney Villains Monopoly Game! Too spooky cool!!

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