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You Can Get An Adorable Toy Story Movie Theater Style Popcorn Maker And I Need It

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Now that theaters are closed, we are having to get creative with our movie nights around the house. That means renting a blockbuster film over a streaming service, and getting our house as close to that theater experience as possible.

Sure, just watching a movie is fun. But, we like to take the experience to the next level with movie theater style drinks, candy, and popcorn.

I am LOVING this DISNEY TOY STORY KETTLE STYLE POPCORN POPPER. It is so simple to use during our movie nights, every friday! It’s almost just like going to the theater for the real thing!!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

This DISNEY TOY STORY KETTLE STYLE POPCORN POPPER makes 8 cups of popcorn, so it’s great for a batch for the WHOLE family, and then some.

It is super simple to use. You just turn the machine on, and let it heat up for about 2 minutes, while you measure out the popcorn kernels.

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Once it is nice and hot, you add the oil and kernels to the kettle inside the machine, and let it do it’s thing.

When it’s done, make sure you shake all the kernels out of the kettle. Your house will be smelling GOOD, just like a movie theater!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

When it is time to clean the machine, there is a black tub inside that holds the popcorn. You just pull out that tub, and hand wash it with some soapy water. Easy Peasy!!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

The actually popping mechanism (the kettle) pops out, and you can easily wipe it out with a dry cloth. It’s especially important to keep this part nice and clean.

Courtesy of Hot Topic

You can get your OWN DISNEY TOY STORY KETTLE STYLE POPCORN POPPER on the Hot Topic Website. The price is $81, and you will have such a great time with this as the centerpiece to your at-home concession stand!!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

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