You Can Get An Inflatable Tent That Floats On The Water To Take Lake Day To The Next Level

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We may only be just 49 days from the first day of fall and many of us have switched gears from summer to autumn; however we still have an entire month left of warm weather!

So if you’re still at the beach or if you’ve got a pool at home, you might be interested in this floating pool tent.

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This inflatable pool tent combines the best of both seasons, summer and fall; not only can this tent give you shade when you’re floating in the water, it also acts as a regular tent which you can bring on camping trips.

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There’s a soft cushy bottom that’s perfect to give relief to your back when your sleeping on rocks and sticks and it also comes with two fluffy pillows to protect your head.

When you’re floating in the water and exposed to the sun for hours, the tent has an overhead to protect you from burns with 2 mesh windows on either end, so you can still feel that summer breeze.

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The MIP inflatable tent comes in two different colors, bright blue or dark green. So technically if you want, you can have the bright blue tent for summer and the dark green inflatable for autumn.

You know, in order to color code with the changing seasons?

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The tent is large enough to fit four people and is lightweight for easy travel. Of course it’s also waterproof on the bottom so water spills and rainy weather won’t get in the way while camping, or if you’re floating on a lake somewhere.

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Just make sure to still wear your sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes! You can purchase the MIP inflatable tent for 200 dollars on Ebay.

Courtesy of Ebay

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