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What Does It Mean to Be a ‘Hard Boiled Egg Girl’? 

TikTok is famous for naming trends and aesthetics with funky names. 

And the most recent quirky label to name another aesthetic has been dubbed with a popular breakfast food.  

Enter: Hard Boiled Egg Girls.

Courtesy of @selfcarewn

The new name comes after TikToker @selfcarewn posted a short video of what the aesthetic of hard boiled egg girls looks like.

Courtesy of @selfcarewn

The slideshow included a collection of photos showing images of the hard-boiled eggs aesthetic which included soft pastel clothing, pink acrylic nails, and facials too. 

Courtesy of @selfcarewn

Although on the same day, a user on Twitter tweeted a screenshot of the hard boiled egg girls video saying that the trend “has gone too far.”

Courtesy of @selfcarewn

And many on the internet, agree. 

Courtesy of @imeanitschristine

While some couldn’t even take the name seriously, others didn’t appreciate that women were being compared to inanimate objects.

Courtesy of @blueberrysk1es4

The hard boiled egg girls aesthetic gained so much attention that even Glamour U.K. covered the term on Instagram.

Courtesy of @glamouruk

Refuting the criticism Glamour U.K. said in their caption on Instagram,

“Aren’t we ever-evolving human beings in a society that is still learning to be more accepting of people – no matter what their differences?”

Glamour U.K.