To My Kid On Your Last Day of Middle School

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Next year you are a high schooler. Next year is when they say school starts to “count.” Next year you go to school in the same building as some students who are legal adults. 

They’ll be able to vote and buy cigarettes, and I have to remember that you aren’t a baby anymore. 

I know you’re scared of high school.

It’s three times the size of your elementary school, with classes all over the place instead of in just one wing. The teachers don’t know who you are, so you have to start all over impressing them with your laser sharp wit and pretty singing voice. 

But don’t be scared. Be nervous, because a little nerves are good for you, they keep you out of trouble, but don’t be scared because I know you’ve got this. 

In high school, you will be the one to email the teachers when something goes wrong, not me. You will be putting out your own fires. 

And guess what? You’re more than ready. Over the last few years I’ve watched you turn into someone with good judgment.

You know when to walk away from a situation and you know when you’re in over head to call someone who can help you out. This is a talent many grown ups don’t possess.

I’m impressed you learned it so soon. 

You will screw up in high school. And that is completely okay. High school is about doing just that, and learning from it. It might even happen over and over again. That’s okay, too. You will just learn a lot instead of a little. 😉 

Don’t take yourself too seriously in high school. Yeah, you have to study and work hard and all that, but don’t forget to have fun, too. They say youth is wasted on the young. I disagree. Youth makes you who you are. 

Don’t let it pass you by, because it’s one hell of a time. 

On your last day of middle school, remember this: sure you are about to head to a big new school with tons of new classmates, but you are still you. 

You know right from wrong, you know what to do in case of an emergency, and you know what to do in case of a non-emergency, too. 

You are ready for this. And if you ever feel like you aren’t, I’m right here. You may be putting out your own fires now, but if you need an extra fire truck, mine is all gassed up and ready to go. 

Good luck. You don’t need it, because everything is going to be awesome.

group of high school students studying in classroom

But I thought I’d say it anyway, just to make you feel better. 

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  1. I work at a middle school and I love this.

    Underneath the final picture, are there some words missing? It just says group of high school students studying and then says But I thought I’d say it anyway? I feel like I’m missing something.

    Great write up! Thank you for sharing!

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