Here’s Why Every Small Business Should Sign Up for Flocksy

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Are you a small to a midsize business owner who is left wondering how to handle your marketing needs? Many other owners are in a similar situation as you. They do not have the marketing demand or the available funds to hire a full-time employee or creative agency.

How are small to midsize businesses supposed to handle their advertising needs when the occasional project comes up? That’s easy. You should become a Flocksy customer. Flocksy is the perfect alternative for many small business owners looking for quality creative services at a significantly reduced price than a full-time employee or agency.  

How exactly does Flocksy work?

Lucky for you, the business model at Flocksy is straightforward. It is all a part of the company’s effort to deliver high quality creative work quickly and at an affordable rate. So, when you decide to sign your company up for Flocksy a couple of things are happening. 

  1. You are going to pick a payment plan that is easiest on your budget. There are two available plans: Access and Team plan. These only differ on the number of users and active projects you can have going. Other than that, the more expensive plan: Access has tools that make certain functions more convenient. Check out the plans in more detail here. After picking your desired plan, you can decide how your pay schedule works. The options are monthly, quarterly, and yearly. If you choose the quarterly or yearly option, you save up to 15% off on the total price.
  2. Once you sign up, you are going to receive your personal project manager. You are going to love your project manager. They will help you form your team of creatives, answer any questions, ensuring projects are completed in a timely manner, or alleviate any other concerns. They are there to make sure your experience with the program is as smooth as possible. You can bet they will respond to you faster than any full-time employee or agency would. 
  3. Once you have your assigned project manager, you start putting our creatives to work. One of the advantages of Flocksy is we have a wide array of experts at our disposal. So, when we say you get unlimited creative work, we mean it. You can get copywriting, video editing, graphic design, or even voiceovers. Best of all, there is no monthly limit of any kind. With the different plans, you can only have so many active projects. However, if you finalize a project, you can start a new one right after. Additionally, after completing some projects and finding creatives that understand your brand, you can request them to join your team. When they are on your team, they will receive your new projects first and can start working on them much faster. Read more about teams and starting/completing projects here

Signing up for Flocksy isn’t hard either. You simply make an account like you would with any other online based company. Once you sign up, you pick your plan and start working with your project manager. You can sign up for Flocksy here

Are you still on the fence? Here’s some more things to consider. 

As a small business owner, you want to find the right service at the best price. It makes sense and is the best thing to do for your company. You are more than likely considering all your options when it comes to creative services. While we have you, let’s go over some. 

  1. Full-time in-house employee. We promise you won’t hire any full-time employees and save money when comparing them to Flocksy. For example, a full-time salary for an entry-level graphic designer in the U.S. was $32,000in 2020. That is almost $20,000 more than the cost of Flocksy for one year. Plus, Flocksy covers all your creative needs. You cannot ask your entry-level graphic designer to make your website. You would have to hire another employee or outsource the work. Flocksy is less than any full-time employee, and you are getting every creative service your small business would ever need. 
  2. What if I hired a creative agency? Unless you have a serious demand for marketing and have the cash flow to pay for it, a creative agency may be the option. However, Flocksy is still significantly cheaper than most agencies and offers most of the same services. On average, in 2020, a marketing agency quote companies $2,000 for SEO, $5,200 for copywriting, and $4,500 for web design. Total all these quoted services together, and you are paying for a full year of Flocksy for one month of a creative agency.  When you think about those numbers and the fact that Flocksy can handle most of everything the agency can, paying more doesn’t make sense.
  3. Aren’t there other crowdsourced creative agencies or companies like Flocksy? First, there aren’t many companies like us. We screen and test our professionals before they are allowed to work on any projects. Our number one goal is quickly delivering high-quality products at an affordable price. Other crowdsourced companies do not make this a top priority. You could go with a company that does design contests. However, you are paying a large amount of money for a product that could end up being subpar. Crowdsourced creative contests average anywhere from $300-1200 for one project. That’s a lot to spend on a final product you may not like. With Flocksy, your project manager works with you until you get the marketing material you want.  

We are not telling you not to consider all your options. It could be that the ones we listed are right for your company. However, we know small to midsize business owners. We know what you want. You need a service that helps scratch your marketing itch without breaking the bank. All these other options listed above are not the best unless you have demand or deep pockets.

Don’t take it from us. Let our work speak for itself. 

We respect wanting to make sure you are getting the best product for your money. We want you to thoroughly check us out before you decide to sign up. Once you do, you’ll see our satisfied customer testimonials and the quality of work we produce for them. From illustrations, copywriting, video editing, web design, graphic design, and voiceovers, all our completed work is only top quality. Check out a well-developed portfolio here. All the work included in this portfolio was produced by Flocksy creatives for any one of our clients’ projects. You can attest to the quality of our work by checking out the portfolio.

On top of a full portfolio, our client testimonials only give rave reviews. All of them comment on the usefulness and value of the service. Additionally, they cannot stop talking about building their own team of favorite copywriters and designers who get to know their brand personally. Most of these clients are small business owners. If you should trust anyone’s judgment, it should be theirs’. They were in your position once and found the best service in Flocksy. Check out some of our clients’ reviews below. 

As a small business owner, you cannot go wrong with Flocksy. 

Flocksy was created with your business in mind. We wanted to streamline creative work through technology so that it was affordable for businesses like yours. Every business should be able to connect with creative professionals without breaking the bank. At Flocksy, we are happy to not only build that connection but foster a continuous relationship as you build teams with your favorite content writers and designers. If you want reliable creative services without the hassle and cost of a full-time employee or creative agency, then we are the right fit for your company.

If you still want to learn more, sign up and create an account with us today. Once you create an account, we can work and communicate with you more to learn about your business’s specific needs and wants. Signing up today is your first step towards top-quality marketing material that is hassle-free and at a low fixed price.

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