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Chips Ahoy! Released New Cookies Stuffed With Golden Candy Chips and I Need Them

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Chip’s Ahoy! has a new flavor coming out in celebration of ‘America’s Got Talent’ season 16!

Chip’s Ahoy!

They are calling the new Chip’s Ahoy cookies ‘Chip’s Got Talent’!

These are a limited-edition release and I can not wait to try them!


Chips Ahoy! is all about helping fans find their happy place, and we know that when people express themselves through the arts, it can bring much needed moments of joy.

Sabrina Sierant, associate director, Chips Ahoy! said in a press release
sna_ckfoodie – Instagram

‘America’s Got Talent’ season 16 will air on June 1st, and these cookies will release in advance of that so we can expect to find them in May!


That’s why we’re excited to partner with fan-favorite show America’s Got Talent, which celebrates unique talents across all forms of the arts to help inspire our fans to share their own unique talents while giving them the chance to win tickets to the season finale of their favorite show.

Sabrina Sierant, associate director, Chips Ahoy! said in a press release

Chips Ahoy! are the best pre-packagaed chocolate chip cookies in my opinion.

I mean, nothing beats homemade, but when you don’t want to bake… Chips Ahoy! is where it’s at for me!

Chip’s Ahoy!

The Chip’s Ahoy ‘Chip’s Got Talent’! cookies are filled with chocolate chips but they also have golden candy chips mixed in!

Of course, those golden candy chips are meant to represent the Golden Buzzer.


There’s a contest too!

Also, these packages of cookies are part of a contest, just follow the directions to scan the package to see if you are a daily prize winner!

One grand-prize winner will even receive a year’s supply of Chips Ahoy! cookies and VIP tickets to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ finale!


You can learn more about the contest here!

You can get the Chip’s Got Talent cookies in stores starting in May 2021 and they’re also available online at Walmart!


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