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Vera Bradley Is Now Selling Face Masks, Scrubs and Other Items For Nurses and Doctors

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Due to the severe shortage of face masks our country has been facing, many companies have taken the liberty in producing their own face masks for healthcare professionals.

Vera Bradley, a well known fashion retail store where I have purchased so many items from, seriously, I have so many bags, has taken a piece of the action in producing face masks.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley

In an announcement on Facebook, Vera Bradley has started production in making medical-grade face masks and wearables for healthcare workers.

“Our goal is to produce as many needed items as possible per day.”

Vera Bradley
Courtesy of Vera Bradley

The company has also stated that they will be making non-medical face masks for the general population from the fabric they already use to make their handbags and accessories with. So you might recognize these patterns and color schemes!


Alongside face masks, Vera Bradley has turned up the heat and taken it up a notch. The company will also be selling healthcare accessories and general medical ware, such as lab coats and/or medical scrubs.


You can purchase the face masks, accessories and other general medical ware on the Vera Bradley website under the Speciality Collection tab, and then by clicking, “Shop Healthcare Processional”.

Courtesy of Vera Bradley

It’s amazing to see Vera Bradley partnering with local health officials to support medical staff. If you’re in need of medical supplies, make sure to check out their website and keep in mind that healthcare professionals have a discounted rate!


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  1. I am trying to purchase a non-medical mask and everyplace I look they are out of stock. When will you have more available and where will I be able to purchase them? Thank you for a response.

  2. I am a LEP interpreter in the medical field. Where can I get one or two and is there a store in the Fort Wayne, IN area?
    Thank You

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