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You Can Get Supplies At Dollar Tree to Make Face Masks For Nurses

I love seeing so many people come together to help our nurses and medical staff.

Recently, you may have seen that Joann is offering free supplies to make masks for the medical community but now that there seems to be a shortage on supplies including elastic, people are having to get creative to help.

Joanna Craft Stores

Well, one woman came up with a BRILLIANT solution – she found supplies you can buy at Dollar Tree to help make face masks for nurses.

Shianna R Laude posted on Facebook saying:

“Face mask peeps!! I know you cant find elastic. Let me help you think outside of the box. Dollar tree has what you need. Cut them in half and they’re the perfect size. And YES they work just fine”

These can be found for $1 down the hair care isle at Dollar Tree and come in a pack of 7 elastic headwraps.

You can grab them and cut each one in half. Then sew your mask as usual and use these as the elastic pieces that go around the ears.

Brilliant, right?

Now, that this information is out there, you will want to run as fast as you can to your local Dollar Tree before they are gone!

Oh, and once you are done making these, you can donate them to your local hospitals (just call before you just show up there).