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The ‘Squoval’ Is The Hot New Nail Trend and I Sort of Love It

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From square to oval, to a stiletto shape to almond, we all know there are countless of nail shapes to choose from.

While almond has dominated the nail industry for months, according to TikTok, there’s a new nail shape on the rise.

With the almond shape slowly losing its fame, TikToker @chloebaffert explains in her viral video on the social media platform which nail shape she thinks is currently trending for 2024 and why.

After the TikToker expressed she did her own research after finding several articles claiming that this new nail shape is on the rise, apparently squared-shaped nails with rounded edges are the new nail look.

Courtesy of @chloebaffert

That’s right, not quite square and definitely not entirely oval, these new nails are also commonly referred to as the “squoval” shape.

The new nail trend combines the best of both of worlds in the nail industry by creating a look that mixes the square and oval shape together as one.

Courtesy of @nailsbyalsn

Now while the squoval nails may look shorter, TikToker @chloebaffert explains that you don’t have to sacrifice the length by changing the shape, but ultimately the length is up to you in the end.

But for those of you who simply can’t say goodbye to the almond look, do what you thinks looks best, because that’s all that matters!

Courtesy of @chloebaffert

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to book my Christmas nail appointment.

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