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You Can Get Purple Succulents That Look Just Like A Starfish and I Need Some

Succulents remind me of the ocean. There’s so much to explore, yet we have only discovered 5 percent of the ocean.

Courtesy of MysticMountainNM

Similar to the marine life in the ocean, there are too many succulents to count. While we are familiar with many types of this plant, I’m sure there are countless kinds of succulents we have yet to find out about.

Courtesy of @MysticMountainNM

Besides, every time I turn around, there’s a new kind of succulent in town, like this one I’m about to introduce to you!

They’re called the Starfish Succulent and this plant looks like it was taken directly from under the sea.

To start, their color is a deep purple. They have 5 soft petals and have rigged horizontal stripes from top to bottom on each of their petals.

To care for this plant, much like most succulents, require a bright, indirect lit area. You will need to place this succulent in draining soil and during winter temperatures, it should be protected from freezing.

Occasional watering will suit this type of plant and you can purchase 10 seeds from the Etsy account MysticMountainNM.

You can purchase 10 seeds for only 3 bucks a pack. Not to mention, your seeds will be ready to ship in only 1-3 days!

Aren’t these stunning? I am about to order several packs for myself. Yesssss!