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Bath & Body Works is Having A Massive Sale On Candles and It’s Even Better Than Their Semi-Annual Sale

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Bath & Body Works knows how to party on the weekend.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

And that’s with a vanilla scented, 3-wick candle burning, a glass of wine, and your favorite movie on a Friday night with a bowl of popcorn.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

But what’s even better than the smell of vanilla illuminating your home is that the same candle burning was bought at the price of nothing!

Courtesy of @harmonyandjade

That’s right, Bath and Body Works is currently having a major sale on all of their candles and what’s better than the price of free?

Courtesy of @mckynleebeth

Answer: two things for free!

Courtesy of @mckynleebeth

In stores and online, Bath and Body Works is letting you snag two candles for free when you buy two and better yet, you have a few days to decide which scents you want to purchase.

Courtesy of @thescentscript

The buy 2 get 2 for free sale starts today and ends on February 15 right before 6 am Eastern Time, which means you can snag the pretty and pink Valentine’s day scents and your favorite go-to candles!

Courtesy of @urbougieafrican_

Considering that’s four candles in total, that’s four separate rooms with a different candle sitting in each room, score!

I’d even say, this is better than their semi-annual sale because you aren’t limited to just clearance items. You can get any scent you want!

Shop Bath & Body Works Candle Sale Here.

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