You Can Get 4 More Free Covid Tests. Here’s How.

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Covid is likely here to stay and instead of running out to get tested every time you feel sick, you can now test in the comfort of your own home.

Several weeks ago, USPS was delivering 4 free Covid tests directly to homes that requested them.

And now, you can get 4 More Free Covid Tests. Here’s how.

According to the website:

Starting this week, U.S. households will be able to place a total of #2 separate orders for free, at-home COVID-19 rapid tests (#4 tests per order). If an order was previously placed for your address, please check back later to place a second order.

How to get Free Covid Tests from USPS

Simply go over to the COVIDTests.gov website

Click the blue button that says “Order Free At-Home Tests” and fill out the form.

The entire order of 4 tests will be free including free shipping.

If you didn’t get 4 from the first round, you can actually place 2 orders back to back to receive a total of 8.

Watch your mail and in a few weeks, your new rapid tests will arrive. Easy peasy!

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