You Can Get A Coastal Cooling Blanket That Absorbs Heat to Keep You Cool While You Sleep

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Finally a cooling blanket that is cute too!

It is still SO HOT outside. It’s so hot, I haven’t wanted to do anything outside lately because it’s hot, humid and just sticky.

With that being said, I am a person that has to sleep COLD but also a person that can’t sleep without a blanket on them.

That is where cooling blankets like this one come in handy. The best part is, this one is really cute too!

Most cooling blankets just come in 1 color or pattern but this one actually comes in 2 different colors and has a cute coastal print on it as well!

Choose from blue or grey and choose your size: Twin, Queen or King size.

This Arc-Chill cold blankets incorporates Jade Nano-particles, which soothes the skin and helps to maintain skin moisture and elasticity.

Both sides are cool to the touch and made of Japanese cooling fabric.

They help pull heat away from your body to keep you cool as you sleep.

I have about 5 cooling blankets and comforters at this point. My family just keeps stealing mine because they love them too.

If you’re a person that gets too hot especially at night, you need one of these blankets.

It is perfect for people with menopause, pregnant women, and truly anyone that is a hot sleeper.

You can get the Elegear Coastal Cooling Blanket on Amazon for $34.99 here. Use code 6TJBB72Z to get 10% off!

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