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This Artist Drew The Avengers as Pin-up Models and It Just Made My Day

Y’all, I am so impressed by the artistic talents of David Talaski! He is quite an amazing artist.

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

In some of his recent work he turned The Avengers in to Pin-up models.

I mean this is true old-style pin-ups! It is absolutely amazing and I can not get enough of it!

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

My favorite has to be this print of Loki! Tom Hiddleston is one of my favorite actors. I was able to interview him once for the first Avengers movie, one of the nicest celebrities ever.

Maybe Thor is your go-to guy! This fresh out of the shower print even includes Mjölnir! I think he captured Chris Hemsworth as Thor perfectly!

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

Who am I kidding, this one of Tony Sparks, AKA Iron Man, is the one I need the most. There is nothing better than Robert Downey Jr. washing a car in cut-off jean shorts while wearing flip flops!

I’ll also need this hunky rendering of Captain America of course! Because, AMERICA, heck ya!

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

We can’t overlook Dr. Strange! There is a little bit of peek-a-boo action happening in this one!

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

Check out Star Lord! Is that a little baby Groot I spy?

DavidTalaskiDraws – Etsy

Black Panther rocking the work out gear! Check out that sweat band tho!

Bucky Barnes is looking fresh! If you love the artwork as much as I do you can get your pre-orders in for your own print!

He is currently busy busy busy, but the wait will be worth it! Visit DavidTalaskiDraws on Etsy to get yours!