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Hollywood Calls For A Boycott Of Kanye West And His Talent Agency Just Cut Ties With Him

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To every action, there is a reaction. And Kanye West’s actions are finally catching up with him.

Drama has been following Ye wherever he goes, and his latest Instagram rant is only one of many reasons why he has been front and center of the pop culture news.

That rant, however, is biting him in the ass — and it’s not just his social media accounts that have been suspended over his tirade.

Now, the talent agency that represents him — CAA — has decided to cut ties with Ye.

But, that’s only the beginning.

There’s a full-on Ye boycott going down, and things are about to get REAL for the rapper and fashion mogul.

See, Ye recently Tweeted that he wanted to go “death con 3” on Jewish people, and that’s not sitting well with — well — anybody.

According to Yahoo, “leading entertainment industry figures, including Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel, called on all companies that work with the musician to cut ties with him.”

And, they are starting to do just that.

Those who continue to do business with West are giving his misguided hate an audience — There should be no tolerance anywhere for West’s anti-Semitism.

Ari Emanuel, Endeavor CEO

MRC Entertainment, which was about to drop a documentary about Ye, has now announced that they will NOT be going forward with distribution of that documentary.

We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform — The silence from leaders and corporations when it comes to Kanye or antisemitism in general is dismaying but not surprising. What is new and sad, is the fear Jews have about speaking out in their own defense.

MRC statement

Y’all. Ye’s anti-Semitic comments have reached as far as the White House!

See, local hate groups are apparently jumping on the Ye bandwagon, and the White House is having none of that.

Even Kim Kardashian — Ye’s ex wife — is calling for the anti-Semitism to stop.

Without calling him out directly, she voiced her stance on the matter.

Yep, Ye’s actions are finally catching up with him. I’m pretty sure we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

There is an entire avalanche of fallout coming his way.

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