People Are Making Chocolate Covered Pumpkin Pie Bites With Leftover Pie From Thanksgiving and It Looks Delicious

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While you may have been too stuffed to go for a second slice of pumpkin pie at the dinner table, and if there’s more leftover pie from Thanksgiving than what you can eat, here’s what you can do with that leftover dessert. 

Leftover pumpkin pie in the refrigerator tastes good the day after and maybe the second day too but it tastes even better revamped into something new. 

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

Thank to TikToker @alexandra_lourdes who shared her viral hack on social media with what to do with grandma’s leftover Thanksgiving pie; you now can make cookies, turning Thanksgiving into Christmas.

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

Grab your chilled pumpkin pie from the fridge and just dive right into it, and when I say ‘dive’, I mean with your hands.

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

Smash the entire pie together, crust and all, roll into cookie size spheres and chill in the freezer for 35 minutes. 

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

Coat in milk chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate) and let harden.

Sprinkle on or pour over your go-to topping preferred during the holiday season for a satisfying crunch or an extra sweet addition.

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

Leftover pumpkin pie turned into holiday cookies is the best makeover a dessert can get! 

Courtesy of @alexandra_lourdes

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