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You Can Take Virtual Tours Of Famous Castles And I’m Already Feeling More Sophisticated

With social distancing in full effect, we are finding more and more things to keep ourselves entertained.

So when I found out that you can take virtual tours of famous castles, I was like…um, yes please.

This would be great for general curiosity or a great history class option for homeschooling!

You can tour the Ireland’s beautiful Knockdrin Castle, which surprisingly on the market at the moment! So if you have a few million to spare, you could be touring your new home!

Then we have the beautiful Buckingham Palace where you can see some of the most treasured items in the Royal Collection.

You can also tour the Windsor Castle which also has items from the Royal collection and some beautiful architecture.

You can visit Edinburgh Castle in Scotland with beautiful scenery and decor.

You can tour Prague Castle, with their beautiful stained glass windows.

Dover Castle is another option. It is one of the first Norman Castles and is considered the largest castle in England.

There are so many options and ways to entertain yourself, so why not take a historical trip straight from your home! Enjoy!