There Is Reportedly A ‘Tiger King’ Series In The Works And Dax Shepard Would Make The Perfect Joe Exotic

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We are all a bit obsessed with Netflix’s Tiger King, and I mean we are ALL obsessed. Celebrities aren’t immune to the train wreck that is Joe Exotic, and his insane world.

It has been rumored that there is going to be a limited series — no network is attached to the project yet — starring SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin, and I’m going to need to see it, like NOW!

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According to TV Line, the Saturday Night Live star has actually been involved in that adaptation since last fall — long before the Netflix series brought the story to fan attention. She’s set to executive produce the limited series with Universal Content Productions — In the Joe Exotic series, McKinnon is set to play Carole Baskin, the activist determined to shut Joe Exotic’s big cat breeding and captivity program down for good.

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BUT, the BIG question is — Who Would Play Joe Exotic. Oh, I have some ideas, but there is a Twitter cat-fight of sorts between celebs, and they all want in on the action. Ha!

I mean TECHNICALLY they are calling for a biopic, but they would be great in the limited series, too.


Dax Shepard is SERIOUS about wanting the role — and he’d be my first choice. LOL! He even went as far as doing a mockup of his face on Joe’s Body, and it’s hilarious.


Celebs everywhere had a comment or two for Dax. Ha!

I love how it’s already coming together in the minds of the people!

Make. It. Happen., Hollywood. Hahaha!

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