This Grandmother’s Baby Tooth Keep Sake Has The Internet Roaring with Laughter

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It’s tradition. One of the kids loses a baby tooth, and it goes directly under the pillow for the “Tooth Fairy.”

Every parent then places that tooth in a special place — and in my case, promptly loses it.

This Grandma has a hilarious heirloom alternative to baby teeth thrown into the sock drawer, and you have to check it out.

Claire Linkhart recently posted a video to TikTok showing what her husband’s grandma did with all their baby teeth as they were growing up.

Y’all, she commissioned 2 — slightly creepy — beavers carved out of wood.

My husband’s late grandmother had them made at a craft fair — I never had the pleasure of meeting her but I know she was a really special lady.

Claire Linkhart

She used these beavers to hold the baby teeth that her grandsons lost.

It’s not just that the beavers held the teeth — it’s the WAY they held the teeth that’s so funny.

Grandma would affix the baby teeth to the beavers’ mouths, which created toothy grins that are just as terrifying as they are hilarious. LOL!!

The comments on Claire Linkhart’s TikTok video are just as great as the pictures themselves.

Do you have a genius idea for holding baby teeth? We’d love to hear it!

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