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How to Make A Mosquito Trap In Under 10 Minutes

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Have y’all ever dealt with Texas Mosquitos? Let me tell you it is insane, especially when you live near the lakes and woods. Those suckers wait right outside your door and as soon as you are out they attack!

Yes, I have dealt with mosquitos all of my life like everyone else, but it wasn’t until Texas that I suffered so many bites!

I was browsing TikTok last night, which is something I have found myself doing way too much lately. That would be a whole post right there…I need help.

Anyhow, this girl was showing off this skeeter (mosquito) catcher contraption and this thing works so well! You only need two things and just a few minutes to set it all up, like way less than 10 min of your life.

This would be so perfect for out on the porch or patio, so maybe we could actually enjoy the evenings outside!


The first thing you need to get is a Skeeterbag. A Skeeterbag is a mosquito trap that connects to a box fan. You’ll also need a 20” box fan to connect your Skeeterbag on to.


The Skeeterbag clips right on to the box fan, then you just turn it on and magic happens! The mosquitos get trapped in the bag and can not get out and those little bloodsuckers die.

As an equine vet I recommend insect control to reduce disease transmission and stress on the animals. Before I started using Skeeterbag™ on my farm the only options I could recommend were limited to chemical systems.

Doctor Michelle Reller

It is completely safe, there are no chemicals involved whatsoever. This is really important to me because I have kids and pets. I mean, look at all of those dead mosquitos! You can use this over and over again!

I’m going share the TikTok video where I learned about this Skeeterbag and fan contraption below. I think you’ll be amazed at just how well it works!


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