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Starbucks Released A ‘Dark Knight’ Frappuccino

Get ready to pack your bags because Starbucks Released A ‘Dark Knight’ Frappuccino but the only thing is, it’s only available in Japan!

Credit: candyhunting

Yup, I am booking my trip because after seeing this and the Peach on The Beach Drink, Japan is looking pretty nice this time of year!

The Dark Knight Frappuccino is a Halloween Drink available in Japan starting at sunset on Friday, October 18.

The drink has dark cocoa, brownies with white chocolate chips, and a red berry sauce made from raspberry, cranberry, and strawberry. YUM!

While you can only get this in Japan, you can ask for something similar if you local Starbucks carries any of the syrups. Just keep in mind you might have to skip on the brownie bites.

Or you could just head to Japan to give this deliciously, dark treat a try. Best Halloween vacation EVER!

It does look and sound amazing!

Now, if you really can’t head to Japan anytime soon, check out some of our Starbucks Halloween Drinks we’ve created and give them a try for yourself!