Kit Kat May Be Releasing A Fruity Cereal Flavor So You Can Have Candy For Breakfast Everyday

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Kit Kat has been working overtime this year with their magnitude of new flavor releases from apple pie, to birthday cake and now, to fruity cereal.

That’s right, Kit Kat is dabbling in the breakfast realm and are supposedly creating a fruity cereal flavor that looks offaly similar to Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops.

Although if it’s anything like the Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops cereal, our tastebuds are in for a dance of fruity flavors and a sugary combo.

The rumor for the fruity cereal flavor first surfaced in the summer of 2020 and according to a new Instagram post, the new flavor is supposedly hitting shelves by June of 2021.


Lets just say I’m crossing my fingers and toes come next summer and I’ll be on the look out for this new fruity cereal flavor at retail stores!


Now let’s get down to the more important details of the so called Fruity Cereal flavor, the taste!

From what the packaging currently shows, the original milk chocolate wafer is a pretty, light pink crème that I’m assuming will resemble the fruity cereal flavor. Of course every bar also comes with a crisp wafer in the center.

The packaging itself comes in a magenta color with some cereal pieces floating across the package with a white bowl of cereal and milk included on the front that looks similar to a bowl of Fruit Loops.


Currently that’s all we have on the 1.5-ounce chocolate bar but when and if they do appear on shelves, breakfast will be served!


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