I’m So Scared To Get My Kids The COVID-19 Vaccine

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In our house we get vaccines.

We believe in science.

We have done everything we can to help not further spread COVID-19 including participating in remote learning for the past 2 years.

But here I am still so scared to get my kids the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yes, I know it’s the right thing to do.

I know that so many children have already received it and have been just FINE.

Some of my favorite people in my life have gotten it for their children and I TRUST THEM.

And quite honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day. The day that my younger children (at least my older 2 who are in the 5-11 age range) would qualify for the vaccine.

I wanted them to be vaccinated so I could feel safe putting them back into school. My kids need to go back. Not just for me, for them.

But even knowing all of that, it hasn’t stopped me from being scared.

Yes, some of my worry comes from the opposing side of the vaccine. The parents that seem to talk so loud and spread false information.

Like, what if, some of what they are saying it correct?

Plus, I know that our government isn’t honest and straightforward with us and I wish it wasn’t that way but it is.

Then there are shows like Dopesick on Hulu and Um, yeah, that has freaked me the f— out.

And that is the thing, I listen to both sides of the argument and while I am leaning towards the vaccine for my kids, I still worry. I still worry I am making the wrong choice.

But that is all parenting is, right? Wondering if you make the right decision for your children and hoping you don’t royal fu** them up.

I guess I could just use some reassurance that it’s all going to be alright…

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