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Maury Povich Is Now Selling Paternity Test Kits That You Can Conduct At Home

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Maury Povich isn’t finished working with paternity tests, he’s just done reading them.

Despite his show being cancelled after 31 years and Maury retiring, the ex-host is now selling at-home home DNA test kits.

Similarly like his old show while he read paternity tests aloud on set, the only difference is that Maury won’t be reading your paternity test to a live audience, rather he’ll just be selling the test kit to you.

So when it comes to reading the results, that’s up to you.

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DNA Diagnostic Center and Maury have officially partnered together after announcing on TMZ Live that the business is aptly named “The Results Are In”.

In fact, it was Maury’s business manager who approached him with the idea and considering Maury had worked with the DDC for over 20 years on his television series, the business idea just made sense.

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Maury is excited about the new business because in his experience, DNA testing allows families to have truthful answers he told TMZ.

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“A lot of the fathers want to be the father,” he told TMZ. “We’ve had a lot of people on the show over the years where the wife didn’t want this guy as the birth father but he wanted to be the birth father,” he said.

Maury Povich
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The business which contains all of the materials that are required to accurately conduct a paternity test allows participants to skip the clinic and do the swabbing at home.

After sending the samples back to the lab to test for the results, the manufacturer reports that the final results should become available in as little as 2-3 business days with a 99.99% accuracy rate.

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“Many fathers say ‘I’m not the father of this child. I’m not going to pay any support,’” he mentioned to TMZ. “Now we have a test that brings the truth home.”

Maury Povich
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The at-home test kits are currently being sold online.

Test kits also start just below $200.

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