Pepsi Flavored Ketchup Is Here and I Don’t Know How to Feel

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How do you take your hot dog, with mustard or ketchup, nacho cheese perhaps?

Well regardless of what you put on your hot dog, you should know that Pepsi has just created their first-ever condiment for your next hot dog to-go!

That’s right, the soda brand has jumped from carbonated beverages to the condiment aisle.

What’s dubbed “Colachup”, Pepsi has creation their own version of ketchup but with a soda-like taste, and yes, this is a real invention.

Courtesy of Pepsi

It looks like Heinz, may have some competition.

Thanks to the carbonated beverage and the Culinary Institute of America Consulting, the two have partnered together to create a Pepsi-infused ketchup, but I’m not really sure if we needed such a thing.

“We invented Pepsi Colachup to reinforce just how well hot dogs and Pepsi go together — an unapologetically mouthwatering creation that seamlessly merges a condiment with the ultimate hot dog pairing beverage, delivering a unified taste experience,” Jenny Danzi, senior director at Pepsi, explained in a recent press release.

Jenny Danzi
Courtesy of @PepsiUS

So what can you expect in this newly invented ketchup bottle?

“The concept is both simple and creative. The distinctive flavors and vibrant citrus blend of Pepsi enhances the bright and tangy characteristics of ketchup, offsetting the smokiness of the hot dog,” David Kamen, director of client experience for Culinary Institute of America Consulting, explained in a press release. “It’s a whole new way to enjoy two American classics!”

David Kamen
Courtesy of @peps

Now if you think that a ketchup bottle mixed with the familiar taste of Pepsi sounds good, you can count on trying the new condiment at your next baseball game.

The limited-edition condiment will be available at four Major League Baseball stadiums only across the U.S. which include the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees.

Courtesy of @pepsi

You can find the Pepsi/ketchup samples at the four baseball stadiums listed below:

  • Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ; Section 130/131
  • Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY; Pepsi Lounge (Pepsi Lounge Ticket Required)
  • Target Field, Minneapolis, MN; Section 113
  • Comerica Park, Detroit, MI; Section 139

Although, the Pepsi stuffed ketchup will only be available to drizzle on your hot dog for one day only, and that’s on the fourth of July.

Now if you’re planning on hitting the beach rather than a baseball stadium on the Fourth, Pepsi understands, which is why the brand is willing to pay for the Pepsi you may order at any food service or retail location.

Now through July 4, baseball goers who order a hot dog(s) with a Pepsi to wash it down can text ‘FREEPEPSI’ at 81234 with an image of their receipt to be reimbursed the price of a 20oz Pepsi.

To snag a free Pepsi, you can find out more information here!

Courtesy of @pepsi

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