Toms Yoda Shoes Are Here And Have Them You Must

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Listen up Star Wars lovers! Now you can get your little Padawan super-cool Yoda shoes, which only the coolest little Jedis-in-the-making wear.

Yes, Toms Yoda Shoes are here and have them you must!


Not only do these terry cloths slip on shoes resemble Yoda, but they are TOMS! You know, TOMS — the shoe company that gives $1 for every $3 they make to help organizations that deal with Physical Safety, Mental Health, and Equal Access To Opportunities.

I totally prefer to think of these as BABY Yoda shoes — since they are for your little one! I also happen to be in love with Baby Yoda.

I wish they came in my size, but sadly, they don’t. *Sad Face*. They come in little kids sizes 4 through 11.

For Jedi Masters in the making, limited-edition slip-ons with 3D appliques.

*Green Yoda print
*Terry cloth upper
*Printed footbed
*Hook and loop adjustable closure
*Special limited edition packaging


It is also important to note that TOMS shoes only come in whole sizes. They suggest sizing DOWN if you wear a half size, as the shoes will stretch out while you wear them.

These shoes run $44.95, but you can get 30% off at the TOMS website right now with the code JOY at checkout.

I don’t really do math, but that means you can get these shoes for like $32. Seriously, can I MAKE these fit on my feet?!?

Are you watching The Mandalorian on Disney+? You seriously should be! If for no other reason, you HAVE to check out Baby Yoda — er — The Child.

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