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You Can Get A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Music Box For That Person That Is Simply Meant To Be Yours

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What’s This? Why, it’s only the most precious Nightmare Before Christmas music box EVER.

I am a HUGE sucker for ANYTHING Nightmare Before Christmas. I even invented this Jack Skellington Starbuck Secret Menu Drink last Halloween. I can’t WAIT for Pumpkin Spice to come back, so I can have it again!!

But, this box we found on Etsy!! If the Nightmare Before Christmas could ever possibly come in a dainty little box, this is it! Not only is it an adorable little box, it is a music box that plays ‘This Is Halloween’.

You know, ‘This Is Halloween’, one of the most recognizable toons from the BEST Halloween — er, Christmas? — movies EVER!!

A unique personalized gift for you it is – Mechanical Music Box. The box is designed and intended to reflect the any event in your life,it will save this magic moment. We will set up a design for your desire.

Lov9Ka on Etsy

This Nightmare Before Christmas music box is made in, and ships from the Ukraine. BUT, shipping is FREE. You can’t get a better deal than that!!

The box has very detailed pictures, not only on the top of the box, but all the way around.

Note the products are made of wood. We know that two identical pieces of wood do not exist in nature so the shade of finished cover may differ slightly from that in images. You must understand that all the items in my shop are hand made so they are unique.

Lov9Ka on Etsy

If the color black isn’t your thing, you can choose from a bunch of other stains, that are all equally beautiful. I would bet, you will be happy with ANY of them!

You can also choose the design you want on the top of the box. There are three to choose from, and I’m not going to lie, I want them all!!

Each wooden Nightmare Before Christmas box costs 36 bucks, and since they are handmade, each one is just a little unique and one of a kind.

Get your OWN Nightmare Before Christmas Music Box on the Lov9Ka Etsy website!

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