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Aldi is Selling A $20 Mini Air Cooler That Can Keep You Cool As You Work

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It is a disgusting 238º outside, and this little gadget is going to help cool you down just a little bit.

I found this Mini Air Cooler right in the Aldi Finds section of my local Aldi store, and I’m so glad I did.

My husband has been looking for a fan for his desk at work, and this is even better.

This Mini Air Cooler is actually going to lower the temperature of the air around you when it blows nice and cool air.

You actually fill it with water to make it work, and it works by evaporating and cooling down that water.

You can stick this Mini Air Cooler right on your desk at work.

Side Note: Don’t you hate it when they bump up the temperature on the thermostat? I mean, you can always put on more layers, but there’s only so much you can take off to make the temp manageable!

This Mini Air Cooler is not only going to cool the air, it’s going to humidify that air. It works by dropping that air temp, and making you nice and comfortable.

I’m so ridiculously glad I found this Mini Air Cooler! It is exactly what I never actually knew I needed.

This Mini Air Cooler is only twenty bucks, and you can find it right on the aisles at Aldi. Get it before it disappears!!

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