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Salami Bouquet Charcuterie Boards Are The Hottest New Trend for Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I love you” more than salami, and while you may be thinking of buying roses and chocolate for that special someone, spice things up a bit and go for the salami with a kick.

Courtesy of @blissandboards

Quite literally I’m talking about the spiced salami you can find at the grocery store, you know the one, the salami that has some heat to it.

Salami deli slices wrapped up like roses on a charcuterie board surrounded by your partner’s favorite snacks and go-to wine is the perfect night in on the day of love with some heat.

Courtesy of @overboard.charcuterie

Just like the romantic red flower, these salami roses have layers of “pedals”, similar to the flower itself.

While roses wrapped up in pretty tissue paper are always a sweet gesture, making a craft with your own two hands is a way to impress the love of your life on cupid’s day.