This Dawn Dish Soap Hack Will Get Out Grease, Make Your Whites Whiter, And Clean Your Washing Machine

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I’m a big proponent of using Dawn Dishwashing Detergent with my laundry.

I’ve known for years that it will help get grease out of clothing.

Hey, they use it on oil spill ducks for a reason! It fights grease so well.

I douse my oil-stained clothing — why can’t my husband eat without dripping grease on himself?!? — in Dawn Dishwashing Detergent, and throw it in the laundry.

Works like a charm to get those greasy stains out of clothing.

But, I’ve never thought of throwing a bit of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent in with my normal laundry soap in the washer.

It’s genius. Genius, I tell you!!

That Dawn Dishwashing Detergent is going to help get out those stains that you didn’t even realize were there.

It’s also going to make your clothes smell fantastic, and keep your washing machine nice and squeaky clean.

It couldn’t be any easier, and it’s totally worth a try!!

How To Use Dawn Dish Washing Detergent In Your Laundry

You’re going to want to use the BLUE (Original) Dawn Dishwashing Detergent.

Throw your laundry detergent in the bottom of the washing machine — before you add your clothes.

Add a few swirls of Dawn Dishwashing Detergent — you don’t have to get crazy.

Now, put your clothes in, and start the water.

Let that Dawn Dishwashing Detergent meld in with your laundry detergent and permeate your clothes.

When the cycle is done, just dry your clothes like you normally would.

Voila!! You will notice your clothes just a little bit cleaner, and you can thank this Dawn Dishwashing Detergent Laundry Hack.

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