Wendy’s Just Released A New Fried Chicken Sandwich And It’s Even Crispier Than Before

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Wendy’s has re-designed their chicken sandwich and I will say so myself, it’s delicious.

Now the new chicken filet isn’t that much different from the original chicken sandwich but instead, Wendy’s focused on the smaller and finer details including a better crunch and adding another topping.

Courtesy of Wendys

The chicken sandwich 2.0 is juicer, crunchier and includes all the fixings from the first chicken sandwich plus pickles.


So when you order Wendy’s newest chicken sandwich, you can expect a crispier filet with lettuce tomato, mayo, and now pickles included on a toasted bun.


The newest sandwich is available across Wendy’s restaurants for $4.99 and if you use the app, you can get the meal for 2 dollars off for a limited time discount.


Oh, and get this, the crispier and juiciest filet will be used on other premium chicken sandwiches as well, including the Bacon Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich and Asiago Ranch Chicken Club.


Therefore, all sandwiches will be crispy, all the time!


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