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Ryan Reynolds Is Bringing Back ‘ALF’ So Hide Your Cats

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This news actually makes me quite giddy …

I don’t even quite know how it happened — maybe an accidental press of the ROKU remote — but one day my kids started randomly binge watching Alf. Like, they watched the entire series — like 4 times.

Yep, I’m talking about ALF, that wise-cracking sitcom from the 80s.

ALF, that centuries-old Alien Life Form from the planet Melmac, who creates havoc and hilarity wherever he goes and has a taste for cats.

Well, that genius, Ryan Reynold, is bringing him back for a whole new generation, so get ready.

When Is ALF Returning To TV?

Through a partnership between Ryan Reynolds, Paul Fusco — ALF creator, and Shout! Studios, we are again going to be able to tune into ALF content, and I’m crazy excited.

We don’t have to wait very long — like, AT ALL — because ALF is hitting the airwaves Saturday, July 29!

ALF | Maximum Effort Channel

Will We Be Able To Watch Full ALF episodes?

Well, kind of.

This ALF content is going to consist of the OG 30-minute ALF episodes.

But, that’s not all!

ALF | Maximum Effort Channel

They will also feature ALF-centric shorts that will highlight brands like Mint Mobile and Hims — we see what you did there, Ryan Reynolds.

Besides my irrational love of ALF growing up, one of the reasons we licensed this show was precisely because Paul, Shout! Studios, and our intrepid brand partners wanted to plot with us to bring ALF back to life.

Ryan Reynolds
ALF | Maximum Effort Channel

Where Can You Watch ALF?

This new endeavor is being dubbed the ALF “Caturday” Marathon — get it? ALF loves the cats.

We are going to be treated to ALF episodes, the ALF sponsored content, and Maximum Effort’s Podcats: The Pawdcast.

ALF | Maximum Effort Channel

You are going to want to tune into Fubo, Amazon Freevee, LG Channels, Plex, Sling Freestream, Tubi, VIDAA, VIZIO Watchfree+, or Xumo Play.

This is the only way to access Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Channel — which is where you will find ALF.

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