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You Can Now Get A Fanny Pack For Your Stanley Tumbler and It Is Everything

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We love our Stanley Tumblers.

I see them everywhere I go, from the grocery store, to the gym, to church, to the mall — we carry them everywhere.

Now, there is a product that makes carrying around a Stanley Tumbler just a little bit easier.

This Handheld Tumbler Caddy wraps right around your tumbler, and will hold everything from cash to credit cards.


We all know Stanley water cups are all the rage. And we need all the accessories to go with them. This is amazing when I’m at the ball park with my son, I can put money, cards, and my keys, and not have to worry about keeping up with them.

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Wouldn’t this be perfect for the gym!! You won’t have to throw your belongings in a locker — you can keep them right with you while you workout.

You could even ditch the purse when you go out. Just throw your keys, credit cards, license, and lip gloss right in the Handheld Tumbler Caddy.

You can get This Handheld Tumbler Caddy in a plethora of colors: Black, Dark Green, Emerald Green, Red, White, and Leopard Print.

They even have the option to buy multiple at the same time. Christmas gifts, anyone?


Use of high quality Velcro design — installed on any water cup or cylindrical objects, firm and convenient, suitable for all types of water cups including Stanley, etc


These Handheld Tumbler Caddies run $9.99 for one, or you can get a 2-pack for $11.99.

To get your own Handheld Tumbler Caddy, just head on over to the Amazon website.


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