You Can Press N Seal Your Kid, And Your Dog

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Remember a few years ago when everyone was Press N Sealing the racks in their refrigerators to make cleaning up spills a breeze?

Well, Vicki Suddaby just kicked that up a couple of notches and we haven’t been this excited since we found out we were using our chopsticks wrong.

You Can Press N Seal Your Kid, And Your Dog

In a Facebook post from June 22, Vicki wrote, “Such a GREAT idea for younger children. If having a messy meal, tear off a piece of Press N Seal and put on your child’s shirt.”

Wait, what!?!?! You can Press N Seal shirts? She finished, “When they are finished eating, just pull it off and the mess is gone!

Now, let’s be honest: we all tried the refrigerator thing, but have any of us thought about what else to Press N Seal since then? I mean, yeah, I’ve still got some sitting on the back of my shelf, but now I can’t stop thinking!

Rainy day? Let’s Press N Seal our socks or shoes before stepping out in the day. Step in a mud puddle? No problem! Just lift that right off once the rain is done.

Dog won’t stop shedding all over, well, everything? Let’s Press N Seal that puppy until winter so that their winter coat is already in place!

Okay, maybe don’t do that. That seems even meaner than the cone of shame.

But please, if you try Vicki’s suggestion, you Have to tell us how it went in the comments below! And if you think of anything else to Press N Seal (like maybe the mattress of your four-year-old who isn’t quite as potty trained as you’d like them to be), tell us about that, too!

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  1. I have used press n seel on my dogs paws before. He had a paw injury and could ‘t Get his bandage wet so I would cover it with press n seel before he went outside to keep it dry!

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