Press-N-Seal Fridge Hack

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My refrigerator gets completely trashed from time to time. I have four kids if that explains anything! I can hear the door opening and closing and opening and closing which means that activity is happening. That activity (which although I’m happy they are all do-it-yourselfers) really makes a mess. So when I saw this Press-N-Seal Fridge Hack idea, I decided to try it out!

Watch my super-short video to see how awesome this Press N Seal Fridge Hack is!

This Press-N-Seal Fridge Hack is going to save you SO much time when it comes to those spills and slips. Click now!

What You Need For The Press-N-Seal Fridge Hack:

  • Press-N-Seal Wrap

Press N Seal paper

Here’s How To Do The Press-N-Seal Fridge Hack:

First I cleaned out my refrigerator. It was a disaster worthy of serious intervention! Once I cleaned all the shelves, I dried them very well and I applied Press-N-Seal to each shelf smoothing down as I went along.

APPLY press n seal

After all the selves were covered in the Press-N-Seal, I put my groceries back inside just like normal.

Put food on top

To clean spills, which always happen at my house, I simply remove the Press-N-Seal and just slap down some more and–BOOM! Problem solved!


awesome pic

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  1. I just use placemats, which can be washed, removed and re-inserted on the shelves. I do, however, like the press and seal idea, though.

  2. Wonder if this would work on shelves that aren’t the solid plastick type.

    1. I used it on wire racks. They had to be clean, dry and not too cold. When they were cold it wouldn’t stick