Build-A-Bear Is Selling A ‘Don’t Text Your Ex’ T-Shirt For Your Stuffed Bear and I’m Laughing So Hard

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I’m sure we can all agree that the Build-A-Bear Workshop is a magical place for kids to express their creativity and take initiative in building their own bear or other stuffed animal!

I only went a few times when I was kid and I remember enjoying every second I was in there.

The store always had such a positive energy, and when you were finished creating your one of a kind stuffed animal, you had the pleasure of putting your new pride and joy in an adorable house shaped box.

To this day, I actually have two bears from the Build-A-Bear Workshop and both are from my current boyfriend. The best part, is that both bears are Philadelphia Eagles themed because I’m a huge fan of the team. So you could say, he did well ladies!

If you’re a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles like myself, I recommend checking out their line of green and white bears ASAP!

Currently at the Build-A-Bear workshop, there’s a new accessory exclusively sold online that you can purchase for your build-a-bear at home.


It’s a grey t-shirt with a message that says “don’t text your ex” in blue and black letters. There’s also the commonly known bubble with three white dots that symbolizes someone is typing at the top of the t-shirt in baby blue.

A rule we all might need to follow during quarantine! During these times in self-isolation, it could be tempting to text an ex especially after a breakup!

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop

You can purchase this t-shirt online on the Build-A-Bear Workshop’s website for just $7 without shipping and handling.

A pretty cheap price for an excellent lesson to follow am I right ladies and gentleman?! Put this t-shirt on your stuffed bear at home and you’ll have the perfect reminder to keep your distance from your ex, and one that you can cuddle too!

Don’t text your ex – it’s always a beary bad idea! If you know someone going through a breakup, give them a furry friend dressed in this T-shirt so they have an adorable reminder.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

So while you’re sitting and contemplating whether or not you need this friendly reminder or have someone else in mind who you think can benefit from this t-shirt too; do them a favor and don’t hesitate to buy this exclusive t-shirt.

Before purchasing, just make sure they have a cuddly bear at home to accessorize it with! Thanks Build-A-Bear for always watching out!

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